Sharon Webb Elected District 6 School Board Commissioner

In a heated race to serve the constituents of District 6 on the Memphis City School Board, Dr. Sharon A. Webb was successful in unseating long time incumbent Carl Johnson in a run –off campaign that was decided yesterday. Webb received an impressive 54 per cent of the vote, while her opponent, who was leading the race in the general election, only received 46 per cent.

Johnson, a former high school math teacher was elected to the Memphis City School Board in 1971 and has been serving for the past 35 years. If reelected, Johnson would have been the longest serving School Board commissioner in the history of the state of Tennessee. Endorsed by the Commercial Appeal, Webb and her supporters attribute her victory to these facts.

“The winds of change have blown, and the people in District 6 are ready for a new voice for a new time,” Webb said.

Webb, former principal of Christ The Rock Christian Academy, received some criticism during her campaign concerning her educational background and experience. However, her prior community service accomplishments, and desire and commitment to improve the condition of Memphis City Schools was well received by voters who elected her despite the efforts of her critics.

“I have known Dr. Webb to be a concerned educator of our children. She is diligent, committed and dependable. She has a heart for the children and will serve the students and their parents well,” said Jada Meeks, former Principal of Geeter Middle School.

In addition to wide-spread community support and assistance in her campaign efforts from several friends, family and fellow church members, Webb’s campaign was backed by local political action committee, New Path. Founded in April 2004 by a group of young progressive professionals, New Path has also been instrumental in the successful election of three other Memphis City School Board commissioners: Tomeka Hart, Martavius Jones and Betty Mallott all received the organization’s support.