Betty Mallott Wins: A New Way For a New Day

November 7, 2006 was a joyous day for local political action committee New Path. Much of their excitement can be attributed to the victory of Memphis City School Board candidate Betty Mallott. Mallott succeeded in unseating incumbent of the District 2 school board position Deni Hirsh. In a heated race for the Memphis City School Board District 2 seat, New Path candidate Betty Mallott prevailed as the strongest of opponents Deni Hirsh and Arnold Weiner.

Endorsed by the Commercial Appeal, Mallott supporters attribute her victory not only to the outstanding qualities and progressive capabilities she possesses, but also the progressive group of young professionals who were responsible for the strategic planning and marketing of her campaign.

“You picked a great candidate; you worked very hard; you've made a difference! I'm just so pleased to have had a chance to work with all of you. When New Path gets to the age of being old enough to be the mother of the "up and coming" leaders in the community -- there is no better feeling than to know that a new generation of "good people" are at your heels!”, said Dr. Barbara Prescott, former District 2 School Board member, about New Path and its work on behalf of Betty Mallott.

New Path, founded in April 2004 is a group of young politically astute professionals who are committed to moving the political climate in Memphis and Shelby County in a more positive direction. New Path is a non-partisan political action organization that actively encourages, educates and engages citizens in public policy, activism in politics and empowerment to hold servant leaders accountable.

In the past, New Path has provided support for candidates Tomeka Hart, Martavius Jones, Mike Rude, Melvin Burgess, Kevin Gallagher, LaRita Mitchell and most recently Mallott, whom New Path founder Eric Robertson said “was that rare example of a candidate with excellent qualifications and passion for building a better Memphis.” Mallott has an extensive background working with Memphis City Schools.